Invitation to Share Pastoral Experience

Being a pastor is a lot like being a baseball player: you need a good mentor. Yogi Berra once said “Bill Dickey is learning me his experience.” Dickey was asked by Yankees manager Casey Stengel to work with Berra in 1949. Dickey taught Berra about catching and often worked with him for hours. Berra even took Dickey’s number 8 and both were honored when the number was retired in 1972. One Hall of Fame catcher passed his knowledge of the game on to another.

The fact is we all learn from the experiences of others. This is as true for pastors as it is baseball players. Chances are when you started out in ministry there was someone, probably a seasoned pastor, who showed you the ropes, pointed out the pitfalls, and helped you process mistakes. If you did not have someone like that then I bet you wish you had.

Imagine This

You’re sipping coffee across the table from a young man who was just hired to his first pastorate and has no idea what is in store for him. He wants your advice. What do you tell him? What are the most important lessons that he will learn the hard way if he’s not careful? Can you spare him some grief by giving him one or two small but immeasurably helpful pieces of advice? Anyone who has spent even a day shepherding others in their walk with Christ has a story, a hard-earned lesson, or a little wisdom to share.

What’s the idea?

This idea has been brewing in my mind for several years now. One day in a talk with one of my mentors I asked him this question:

His answer was very practical, taken from the hard knocks he had experienced in ministry. And it got me thinking: what if I could ask this question of not just one mentor but also of thousands of pastors? How valuable might their answers be to my ministry? And what if I shared all that wisdom with other pastors, young and old, so they could benefit from it too?

The Wise Pastor section of is my answer.


Will you share your wisdom with me?

If you’re a pastor I want to hear from you. You could be a serious senior pastor who has spent years in the trenches, an underpaid youth pastor, a hip children’s pastor, a focused associate pastor, or something in between. If you’re a pastor, you have something I can learn from. And, it’s easy.

I get all kinds of answers from one-liners to short essays. All are valuable. All responses are appreciated.

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