Comment Policy

Comments are welcome. I love to hear the various opinions and views of my friends. That’s one reason I started this blog. Opinions on politics and religion vary widely and are rooted in the very foundations of our belief systems. As a result, discussions can quickly become personal. My desire is to foster a vibrant community of people willing to discuss the issues facing Christians in America that adds value to the blog. To this end, here is the policy for making comments:

  • Do your comments add value to the discussion? If you find your only goal is to belittle, disparage, or otherwise denigrate the post or author, don’t submit your comment. Comments that do not add value will be deleted.
  • Are your comments on topic? If you’re revved up enough to comment, by all means, interact with the ideas in the post. Tell us what you think about the topic and why. Just stay on topic.
  • Disagreement is perfectly acceptable as long as you are civil. Be passionate but polite. For instance:
    • Exclamation points are fine! ALL CAPS ARE NOT.
    • Profanity is discouraged. Judicious use of strong language is acceptable.
    • No name calling.
  • I am ambivalent about links and signatures, if your comment is relevant.  Spam will always be deleted.
  • Comments are moderated by me. All comments are reviewed to prevent spam and hijacking. I try to do this as quickly as possible. I reserve the right to edit, change, or delete portions or all of your comment if it does not comply with this policy. I will not change the meaning of what you wrote.
  • Limit your length. In most cases, your comment does not need to be longer than my post. Consider 250 words or so a good guideline. Choosing your words well will likely strengthen your argument. If you want to post a longer thought, consider publishing on your own blog then posting an excerpt and link in the comments.

If we all follow these few rules I am convinced we can have a productive and meaningful discussion.

I am indebted to the following pages as inspiration for good examples of blog comment policies:


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