Fun and Frustration at a Job Fair

I apologize for the relatively long gap in posts. I’m busy with my work here in DC and I’ve also started work on my Doctorate.
The following is from my new blog at I’m including it here because I believe it’s subject matter is germane to the thrust of RevNev’s blog…

The other day I went to a job fair that was held in a building where I work. Almost all of the employers there were from one government agency or another. Out of 60 employers, only 4 were from the private sector.

Anyway, I went around heckling the representatives from the various agencies – one of my favorites was when I walked up to the INS folks and asked, “So… what do you guys do?” And they responded, “We help people stay in America.” To which I retorted, “You mean you help illegals stay in America.”

For the most part it was an enjoyable experience for me – going from one booth to the next asking for a job that pays a ton of money without me having to do any work, asking if they had any jobs for a person with absolutely no skills except the ability to call in sick, etc… it was fun.

But one booth actually made me angry. I can’t remember the name of the agency, but when I asked what they did, the man said that it was their responsibility to regulate and oversee the disbursement of TARP funds.

I got angry, “They’ve created a whole new agency just to oversee bailout money?”

I got angry because this comes on the heels of me learning that the Air Force chaplaincy is getting cut by 1/3. At a time when their workload is at a record high, they’re doing away with a third of their chaplains.

It really pisses me off that whenever a conservative says, “We’ve got to stop spending so much…” The liberal responds with, “You’re right… let’s look at the defense budget to see where we can make some cuts.”

It is true that the defense budget is the “single greatest” category in the Federal budget. And I think it should be. Why? Because every political scientist since Plato wrote The Republic around 380BC, everyone who has thought about it has understood that one of the primary purposes of government is the defense of it’s people and the protection of it’s land. Having a people who are secure in their land is essentially to literally every other aspect of societal and cultural development. Thus in the Constitution, when the Framers specifically discussed the military for the defense of the people, they weren’t being novel. They simply understood that a nation cannot develop and thrive if they have the specter of potential invasion hanging over their heads.

Incidentally, the Constitution doesn’t make provision for entitlement programs, federal law enforcement agencies, or agencies that want to see you naked before you can get on a private business’ plane. (By the way, I made that jab to the folks from the TSA – If I come work for you, when can I start making people get naked?) This is why conservatives typically are “pro military” – national defense is actually prescribed by the Constitution and is fundamentally prerequisite to the society being able to flourish. This is also while leftists, in the name of being “world citizens” and decrying the nation state as a relic of the past, typically wish we could just open our borders and disband our militaries.

So if cuts are to be made – and they need to be made – then start with bogus agencies started to oversee the distribution of a bogus bailout and move down the line… cutting funds from national defense, the one area actually spelled out in the Constitution, should come only as a matter of last resort.

That’s my take on it.

Liberals are Cowards

Ok, folks, I apologize to my dear fans who have been worrying themselves sick wondering where I’ve been or what I’ve been doing… well the simple fact is that I have a real job and this job involves helping people and providing first class counsel  (incidentally, on my most recent evaluation, I was rated as the best in my organization). So I’ve been busy. On top of that I’ve been preparing for a move (next week) to Washington, DC, that once honorable federal enclave now turned rancid cesspool thanks to all the you-know-whos and you-know-whats running rampant there. But never fear, though I’ve been very busy, I haven’t failed to think about and be concerned for our dear Christian – that means Conservative – readership.

Perhaps you’ve heard about how the leftists are planning on using reconciliation to pass the healthcare legislation – and when we point out that it is an underhanded tactic, they try to justify themselves by pointing out that Republicans used the procedure when they were in power. Now folks, remember all that I’ve said – leftists are liars, they’re stupid, they’re evil. They really are. When a conservative does any of these things they’re only acting like a liberal. That’s it. Anyway, the would-be overthrowers of the American way (the leftists) are once again proven to be lying imbeciles when one considers that Republicans used it to pass measures that were overwhelmingly desired by the American populace (like tax cuts for everyone) while the typically anti-American leftists wanted Americans to pay more. Furthermore, tax cut type measures are consistent with the American way. Now, in our present day, the socialists want to rework approximately 20% of the American economy, fundamentally changing how life (and death) occurs in this Nation… and they want to do so with legislation overwhelmingly opposed by the populace. See the difference? If you can’t, you’re probably a liberal.

But to add insult to injury, the cowardly anti-American leftists are posed to “deem and pass” this healthcare legislation – in otherwords, “consider” it passed without actually voting on it! They trounce the will of the People, try to rework the framework of the American way of life, support everything and everyone who is opposed to goodness and normalcy, despise the Constitution, and dare to act indignant when us good Americans use rhetoric reserved for times when a People are underthe thumb of a despotic ruler? They’re cowards, they’re evil, their liars.

Good Readers -you simply must remember, with the Left there is no mercy, there is no kindness, there is no compassion. They use that language to trick you into putting them in power so that once IN power they can put systems and rules in place to disregard your will.

People – you must speak up. I know, I know, part of being conservative is being, well, conservative. And that means we just work hard and go home and mind our own business. But while you do nothing, they’re changing everything. As Reagan once said, “The people with the most to lose will do the least to prevent it.” Let’s prove the Gipper wrong, shall we! Let your voice be heard!

Ronald Reagan on Socialized Medicine

On this, the eve of Obama’s attempt to strong arm Congress to adopt his plan for socialized medicine, I think it is wise to listen to these words from Ronald Reagan recorded in 1961 – it is AMAZING how the arguments are the same. Reagan’s cautionary words are still applicable.

The bottom line: The Leftists don’t really care about medical care. They care about control over your life.

Listen to Reagan’s words… especially you people on the Left!

Listen HERE.

Obama Is Right!

Ok, maybe you’ve seen THIS and maybe you haven’t. The Mayor of Las Vegas – former attorney for the mob – Oscar Goodman, has refused to meet with, or even greet, President Obama during the latter’s trip to Sin City. The reason?  Obama made comments that people saving for college shouldn’t “blow” their money in Vegas. And the mayor, on behalf of the casinos, is deeply offended at the idea of the POTUS giving sound personal financial management advice.  

Here’s the bottom line: President Obama didn’t call for the abolishment of the Gaming industry. He advised people to not blow their money when they’re saving for their future. This was sound advice on many levels (think of the people who would be empowered if instead of investing in the casinos, they invested in themselves!) but it is particularly prudent advice because the people most likely to blow their money at casinos are precisely those who do so to the detriment of their financial future. And while the former mob-lawyer Mayor wants to act indignant, I say so be it.

So, I’ll give credit where I think credit is due: Good advice to the common man, Mr. President!

Schooling a Single Soldier

I just got home from conducting a Singles’ Retreat in Kansas City. One of the classes I teach is a course in personal financial management – I do very basic stuff, but believe me, it is needed. Anyway, when I go over the section on investing – the power of time and compounding interest – I stress repeatedly that NOW, while they’re young and relatively free from financial obligations, is the best time to throw some money into their future and let it sit. I show how the prospect of retiring as a millionaire is doable.

Anyway, when I mentioned a reasonable amount – $2000 per yr – that I know they could afford, (because I know how much money they make, and I know they have no room-and-board type expenditures) one female Soldier looked at me in utter disbelief. She said to me, “I’d have to NOT go out to the club one weekend a month!”

I then went into a discussion about delaying gratification, having a long-term mindset, sacrificing a little now for a huge payoff later, etc…. and her response, “Well, you’re only young once and you’re not guaranteed to live until you retire.”

To that I said, “You’re right… it is your money and I believe you should do with it what you think best. But know this: When several years have passed and you come to your senses and you realize that you have squandered all your money at clubs and bowling alleys and parties with your friends and then you try to make up for your own lack of foresight and planning by trying to vote to get the government to take money from people like me who have made sacrifices and invested wisely… when you do that, don’t be shocked and surprised when we resist your efforts to cover your rear by taking from us.”

Dog gone it! I absolutely detest this low-class mentality that I want to do what I want but then use the coercive power of the law to take money from those who have been wise and prudent.